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Doctor Who - British science fiction television series channel BBC BBC about a mysterious alien time traveler known as "Doctor." Together with his companions, he explores time and space, traveling in a space ship TARDIS and is not just a ship, the TARDIS is alive and she had a heart, it is more inside than outside! The TARDIS also possesses telepathy and translates everything! Main character - Dr. Him 910 years old (at the time of the 7th season), his real name nobody knows (some people mistakenly believe that his name - Theta Sigma, but it's just the old nickname of Doctor of the Academy, which is mentioned several times in the series). At the moment he - the last of his people, the Time Lords (in the original - Time Lords, so they are often called Taymlordami, the Time Lords). Doctor's home planet, Gallifrey, was destroyed in the Last Great Time War (often in the series it is called simply a time of war). In the same war, the main enemies of the Doctor were killed - far away (which, however, did not prevent them repeatedly appear in the new series). From alien gadgets, in addition to the TARDIS, the Doctor often uses the sonic screwdriver. It is capable of much, by opening / closing the door to hacking computers. Screwdriver first appeared in the Classic series, but has been used by Dr. rarely. In the new series of 2015, we see a screwdriver almost in every episode ...