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Original Title: Documentary Now!
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: IFC
Creators: Seth Meyers,Bill Hader,Fred Armisen
Language: English
Description: A girl named Jessica comes to Los Angeles to visit her relatives. Her sister tells her about the local celebrity Christopher Wild. Then there is an unexpected night meeting with him. A walk around the city and a little fun adventure. But when Jessica returns home, Christopher tells reporters that he had nothing serious with Jessica. The film is not about stardom, but about the huge loneliness among the crowd of fans. Christopher doesn't have any real friends. And only such a confident girl as Jessica could see something real in him. A movie about teenagers, about love, about what do not need to allow anyone to trample, even a loved one. The main thing in the end to be honest with yourself and not to betray themselves imposed elections. The film is perfect for home family viewing. It can serve as a tool for parents and children to talk about feelings, love, personality and value. The cast played well, for some actors the picture was a good debut.

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