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The series was canceled after a tape has surfaced on the Duane Chapman makes discriminatory statements.    Meaning of his nickname    It is often erroneously assumed Dog would represent dog. It is simply God (God) spelled backwards. Chapman slept with that name, after he learned the divine enlightenment.    DOG in prison    At about 6:00 Hawaiian local time, on 14 September 2006, Duane Chapman, his son Leland and his business partner Tim were arrested by US marshals at the request of the Mexican government. The arrest was based on an illegal bounty hunting in Mexico. On 18 June 2003 the trio Chapman took the fugitive rapist Andrew Luster (an heir of Max Factor cosmetics). He had fled to Mexico. Duane, Leland and Tim were released on bail ($ 300,000 for Duane and $ 100,000 for each of the other two).    On 16 February 2007, the second district court in Guadalajara refused a request for an injunction to prevent the extradition. There were established several legal donation accounts for Duane, Leland and Tim.    On August 4, 2007 in an episode of Larry King, while Duane "Dog" Chapman was talking, it was announced that the charges against Duane "Dog" Chapman, Leland Chapman, Tim and Andrew Chapman was dropped from the Mexican government.