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  • Drama
The action takes place in a fantastic drama in Los Angeles, where under one of the skyscrapers is a kind of secret and illegal organization called"Doll house". No one even knows where this place is located, and this is not surprising, because for everyone around it simply does not exist. This organization is just a small part of a powerful structure that has similar places around the world. Doll houses are a haven for people who have agreed to sign a contract with the organization for a period of five years. The main condition of the agreement is that at the end of the contract, they all lose part of their memories, which were the most difficult for them. Dolls, namely the so-called people who signed the contract, completely erase the memory and then put them new memories and skills they need to accomplish their tasks. After this procedure, they all become soulless creatures whose individuality has been completely destroyed. But once the unexpected happens, and the memory of one of the Dolls-a girl named Eco, ceases to succumb to the procedure of erasing, and she gradually begins to remember his past…

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