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  • Crime
The hero of dorama is a unique person, he is absolutely devoid of emotions, this allows him to build a striking inherently deductive chains. In early childhood, the boy suffered an injury, as a result of which the ability to experience was lost, but there was an opportunity, without distraction, to absorb large amounts of information. He is absolutely not worried about the fate of people, he, like a robot, guided only by logic, which is why it turned out to be the perfect psychologist, whose services are used by detectives in the investigation of the most intricate crimes.PEK Ambon, nicknamed Dr. frost, is an amazing young man. During the day he is one of the most famous psychologists in the country, advising in the medical center, and when night falls, he becomes a bartender. What attracts him to the thick of the party life? Maybe the desire to learn to enjoy life?In the legal center, where frost is involved in the investigation, comes a young talent Yun Son. Clever, cute girl is striving to become assistant PAC Narbona. It is not difficult to guess that soon she will begin to feel not only respect for her mentor. Will the disciple be able to melt the icy heart?

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