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Fantastic series"the Age of the Dragon: Redemption" is a film adaptation of the famous computer game, the plot of which is based on the adventures of the player in a fairy-tale world inhabited by elves, dwarves, humans and, of course, dragons.It is worth noting that the audience is not familiar with the plot of the same game, as well as the rest, will be able to understand and understand the meaning of what is happening presented film. The authors specifically made an amendment to this by issuing information credits, so that everyone could get acquainted with the work.In each episode of the work there is a story, each series ends with an unexpected ending, which makes the viewer with interest to wait for the next parts. By the way, the script for the film was written by Felicia day, who performed one of the main roles. We can not say that in the film project there is just a great acting job, but the girl sensibly overshadows the failures of other actors.In General, the presented film project is an excellent option for true connoisseurs of the classic fantasy genre to plunge into the famous fairy-tale world, where we are waiting for the desperate and exciting adventures of our favorite characters.

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