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The plot of Dragon Ball GT starts ten years after the events of the underlying Manga template as well as the previous series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. The focus is again the eternal struggle between the forces of good and evil. In addition, Dragon Ball GT takes up the structure of the previous Dragon Ball series and is consequently composed four sagas together.    the Baby Saga, which in turn is continued by the Super Android 17 Saga and the Shadow Dragon Saga completed following the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga. Right at the beginning wants to take over the world in itself finally Goku and his friends with Prince pilaf be confronted. This aim of the villain tries to achieve by all means - because the Super Dragon Ball Piccolo get it just right. The fate of the entire globe is at stake.    Main characters of Dragon Ball GT    Goku is the hero of Dragon Ball series and fights in Dragonball GT to vorderster front against the dark forces of evil. If he just defeated no opponent, Goku is a fun-loving young man.    Pan is the daughter of Gohan, son of Goku. It has the power of Saijajin, although only one Viertelsaiyajin strictly speaking. Her mother is Videl, the daughter of Mister Satan. Pan is fast becoming the strong fighter.    Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, and still has a younger brother named Bra. Although Trunks is still quite young, he can hold it in the fight with strong opponents, which is primarily due to his early training.    Oob comes from a poor family who lives in a village on an island. He has four siblings and is the reincarnation of Kid Boo. At the beginning of the action he is quite shy, scared and cautious. But in his slumbers a true warrior. (MH)

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