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The plot of the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Super is located a few years after the end of Dragon Ball Z. Majin Buu has now been defeated and is a thing of the past. Now Goku and his friends with a new villain to be confronted, which is even stronger than any previous opponent in the series. the earth is again the scene of the struggle between good and evil. But Goku, who is now grown into a seasoned fighter who raises any danger to protect humanity - whether insidious demons, relentless warrior or nasty aliens.    Main characters of Dragon Ball Super    Goku is the protagonist of all the Dragon Ball movies and series. At the beginning of the action he was still a young, naive fighter who saw the world through foreign eyes. Meanwhile, he has, however, he became a grown man who has grown on his own experiences. Otherwise, Goku is a fun-loving and good-natured fellow.    Vegeta is a thoroughbred Saiyan and the son of King Vegeta. However, since he died in the battle against the diabolical Freezer, Vegeta was the rightful heir to the throne. Vegetas greater rival Goku. The two have a long history of eternal competition. At the same time they respect each other as good friends.    Background information on Dragon Ball Super    In Dragon Ball Super is the first series of the Dragon Ball universe since Dragon Ball GT, which aired from 1996 to 1997 on Fuji TV in fans of the franchise but not as well received as Dragon Ball (from 19,986 to 1,989) and the continuation of Dragon ball Z (1989 - 1996). As in 2009, however, started with Dragon Ball Z Kai a completely revised version of Dragon Ball Z, the success of the series increased again and Toei Animation directed the production of Dragon Ball Super in the way.    In addition to Toei Animation returned another important name back into the world of Dragon Ball: Akira Toriyama, his character creator of the eponymous manga template and screenwriter of numerous series and movies of the franchise. Also original spokeswoman Masako Nozawa, the borrowed previously among others Goku and his sons Goten and Gohan her voice took on their familiar roles as part of Dragon Ball Super once again. The sequel series celebrated in July 2015 its premiere on Fuji TV. (MH)

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