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Dragon Ball Z Kai is based on the events of Dragon Ball Z and can revive the same story. The focus of the action is still Goku, the young warrior who has now grown into a man. Goku has learned a lot during his training. In addition, some friendships have been formed in the adventurous search for the seven Dragon Balls from which the Z-Force has formed.    Not least Goku is now married and even has it's own Son, saying Gohan. Together now unite father and son as well as the rest of the Z-force to pull the evil powers of this world in the fight. Moreover, the action of the events in the Bardock Special follows, in which the history surrounding the destruction of the Saiyan is shown. No other than the diabolical Freezer is responsible for the extinction of the breed.    Background information on Dragon Ball Z Kai    Dragon Ball Z Kai (also known as Dragon Ball Kai) was produced to mark the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z. The anime series uses both shots from Dragon Ball Z and the previous series Dragon Ball. The material was however worked up high, so that Dragon Ball Z Kai can tell the story of Goku and his friends for the first time in high-definition.    In addition, the original episode number was reduced by all Fillerepisoden were removed from the action. Consequently, Dragon Ball Z Kai detail oriented on the manga by Akira Toriyama template as Dragon Ball Z. At first only one season with 98 episodes produced, which aired between 2009 and 2011 on Fuji TV. Later took place but the extension to the second round to cover (an essential plot line of the original series) with Dragon Ball Z Kai also called Boo saga. (MH)