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The framework consists of the concept of reality shows to accommodate different and mutually unknown persons in a common residential area and to observe of cameras. Comedy Central so did advertising that Drawn Together is the first animated reality show, eight animated characters live in the wanted in a house together. In some episodes, the characters have to face a few challenges based on real reality shows.    Main characters of Drawn Together    Captain Leslie Hero (voiced by Jess Harnell in the original) is a Superman adaptation, has a weakness for alcohol and drugs, is emotionally unstable, insecure and selfish. It falls on mainly by its Pansexuality and his necrophilia, but has more difficult to categorize sexual preferences and a tendency to infantile behavior. In the original English version, he used many Hebrew words. His gay alter ego called Tim Tommerson.    Princess Clara (Tara Strong) corresponds external to the schematic of a typical Disney princess like Cinderella or Ariel. She sings enchanting, is friend of all animals and the beginning of the series looking for a prince. In addition, she is naive and openly racist. Their religious and moral views are Christian-conservative, and this conservatism often takes fundamentalist traits. Your vagina has been transformed by a pronounced by her stepmother curse into a tentacle monster that calls itself Octopoussoir. She has a mentally handicapped but extremely attractive cousin named Bleh. In some episodes also her father, the king occurs.    Toot Braunstein (Tara Strong) is a drawn in black and white Betty Boop-adaptation in the role of a cartoon sex symbol of the 1920s. It is characterized by eating disorders, ranging up to consume indigestible objects and cannibalism, as well as alcohol dependence, masochistic trains and a penchant for self-injurious behavior. Their appearance is often depicted as particularly ugly and unkempt. She keeps trying to seduce men, but what you rarely succeed. Especially at the beginning of the series, she tries to seduce the homosexual Xandir. Their malice towards the other residents lost during the series, particularly in the third season, more and more on Princess Clara over.    Foxxy Love Shaquafa (Cree Summer) is a black mystery-solving musician. She has a foxtail above the Po sit, the view, whether it is a body part or a part of their clothing, is contradictory in different episodes. She is bisexual and match the stereotype of the black, angry alpha female. Their attractive appearance and their very tight clothing are based on the mediated parts of the hip-hop culture image of black women. Frequently alluded to their lack of intelligence and barely existing education, but in contrast, it shows extraordinary skill in resolving conflicts. Although Foxxy is considered to be a believer, but it is definitely not as Christian fundamentalist as Princess Clara.    Spanky Ham (Adam Carolla) is an Internet cartoon character in the shape of a pig, a parody of the popular on the Internet, often simply drawn Flash animations. He is koprophil, cynical, sarcastic, with a marked penchant for political incorrectness and toilet humor; he also loves to deceive others and exploit them. Spanky Ham has a curly tail, which stands up under excitation instead of a penis. Prior to the events of September 11, he converted to Islam.    Ling-Ling (Abbey McBride) is an adaptation of the Japanese trading cards battle monster Pikachu from the game Pokemon. He speaks an unintelligible gibberish Japanese or occasionally English, math fits the cliché of talented, hard-working and self-sacrificing prepare Asians who strives for fame and glory and can not drive. He prays occasionally L. Ron Hubbard.    Xandir P. Wifflebottom (Jack Plotnick) is an adaptation of a typical fantasy video game heroes, primarily of the hero Link from the game series The Legend of Zelda by Nintendo. He's gay, but initially driven by the eternal mission to save his girlfriend. In the episode Gay Bash Foxxy Love is organizing a gay orgy for him. Xandir noticed by his homosexual inclinations. First, it is difficult for him to deal with this knowledge, and he wants to commit suicide. However, since he has as a character in a video game many lives, fail his suicide attempts, and finally he committed but still open to his homosexuality.    Ball of wool socks Beard (James Arnold Taylor) is an adaptation of SpongeBob SquarePants, Ren and Stimpy and Looney Tunes, suffers from attention deficit disorder, occurs when needed but also as a surgeon, priest, psychologist, doctor or otherwise expert in action. He experienced his adolescence in the second season. Its typical exclamation of enthusiasm is 'Huu-Wiiiii!'. He is the best friend of Princess Clara and Spanky Ham who exploited it particularly in the second season again, taking the mickey and incite to crime. During ejaculation it apart from so-called Clumbabys out of his mouth, the healing forces (an allusion to the debate on stem cell research).

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