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Even among ordinary ducks it is possible to meet quite original, the most talented persons whom the famous Professor by the name of Ignatius is. This great scientist has repeatedly pleased the light with its unique developments, each time hitting more and more exceptional inventions. But one day he decides to unfreeze a Drake,even suspecting who he is. Duckdodgers for three hundreds of years is in deep sleep, but once he was reputed to be a real superhero with incredible, superhuman abilities. Duck has repeatedly come to the aid of the suffering, saving the world from the insidious villains. Waking up after a cryogenic freeze Duck just shocked by how everything has changed around. He is incredibly behind life for three hundred years. However, the superhero readily begins to explore innovative developments, acquires its own spacecraft and again ready to start protecting the planet. After all, even after so many centuries there are still those who are not averse to profit someone else's good, still making plans how to conquer the world, to enslave all the ducks, making them obedient puppets. However, while Duck is at his post, the planet is under reliable protection.

Televison show Duck Dodgers seasons available for download - 1,2,3,4

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