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Original Title: Due South
Channel: CTV
Creators: Paul Haggis
Language: English
Description: "Shameless" is about a family of Gallagher living in a disadvantaged area of Chicago. Basically shows the life of the younger generation. Just because the older generation withdrew from family life. Mom ran off with a truck driver, transvestite Bob. Father Frank-always being "under a fly" drunk, not refusing to indulge in drugs. Home it usually means the police, he falls asleep where he fell, pulling all that is bad and blames his pathetic life all around from the emigrants to the government.nnThe functions of parents took over the older sister Fiona-to look after the younger, she had to leave school. Older brother Philip-clever, moonlighting that money decides for high school students and control work. He'll go far if he doesn't go to jail. The average Yen sees himself as a soldier, but for now he tries to work in a local shop, most of the working time flirting with his own boss. Younger brother Carl, a young sadist, which has all preconditions to grow into a great serial killer.nnAmerican "Shameless" - a version of the British series, which (rare) on the head outgrew the original. By genre, the creators will bring it to drama and Comedy. And the drama in the film is much more than Comedy, although humor is present.

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