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A documentary film consisting of several sixty minute episodes, from British Creator John Downer. From the height of bird flight shows the life on the earth six continents, charming the audience amazing, massive and breathtaking sight. The birds themselves were shot from different angles with the help of an ultralight aircraft. A flock of geese flies North, flying over the great plains and bison battles, and eagles circling over bears from Alaska. Seagulls flock to the lake Mono, where open mouths catch small midges. Cormorants watch flocks of sharks, dolphins and whales that hunt sardines. From a great height we see a picturesque s-shaped island, consisting entirely of flamingos, which take part in one of the most beautiful dances in the world of birds. Dominican gulls study the behavior and hunting of the greatest underwater predator - the white shark. On eagle wings, the viewer flies through the fog through Victoria falls and dives for fish in the mighty Zambezi river. Barn swallows and white storks annually make an incredible journey from South Africa to Northern Europe. The camera crew hovers over Venice and the white cliffs of Dover and Edinburgh. Majestic Rome attracts 20 million starlings with its warmth. Condors soar along the Andes, and the red macaw explores the heart of the Amazon in company with hummingbirds and vultures. The viewer will also witness the study from an unusual perspective of places such as Machu Picchu, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Costa Rica and others.

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