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Original Title: Eastbound & Down
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: HBO
Creators: Danny McBride,Jody Hill,Ben Best
Language: English
Description: A really good servant, whether a maid or a footman, can pretend to be a piece of furniture and not attract too much attention. Although the hosts discuss in their presence the most delicate questions, the servants try to skip all pass. The work of Eugene Allen, a full-strength African American who became a Butler at the White House, was in many ways similar to that of any other host. He had to keep secret all that they had heard, and accomplish your work so that it is not even noticed, and these two tasks Eugene did just fine, though relatives and friends don't want to hear gossip from the life of those in power. That is why Eugene remained Butler under eight presidents the US and do nurturing their duties, until American society outside presidential residence and the whole world rapidly changed, and family Butler and he himself have observed these changes and sometimes became their immediate participants.

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