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Before yesterday's students Vincent and Arno opened impressive prospects. Having become holders of diplomas of economic University, young people could count on successful employment, rapid career growth, decent earnings. Gradually friends were involved in a routine of professional activity. Over time, they realized that they did not feel much pleasure from work. Vincent works for a large international Corporation. There high earnings, but it is necessary to give all the best on full, feeling the squeezed lemon by the end of each working day. Worse still is the situation of the Arno. He works for his father-in-law. Young men periodically gather together to discuss urgent problems. They agreed in thinking that the necessary major changes, until we both became lazy fat people. Friends remembered the period of youth when both managed to arrange repeatedly stormy entertainment. During another conversation, there was an unexpected idea. Friends realized that it was time to radically change the type of activity. The best option would be a private travel Agency that offers customers a wide range of unusual services. Thanks to a stripper from Hungary, the main characters learned about the specifics of life in this country. It turned out that there is something to see the French. Since then, the Agency began to regularly organize stag Parties in Europe, offering customers a visit to the" exotic " places of Budapest. For relatively little money citizens have the opportunity to enjoy all the secret sides of the life of the Hungarian capital.

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