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Spanish historical television series with elements of drama and adventure tells a fascinating story about love, devotion, friendship, betrayal and honesty.In the center of rapidly developing events are closely intertwined destinies of three brothers. It's the eleventh century. Spain is experiencing turbulent historical and political events. Different, successive rulers change the appearance of the country and decide the fate of the whole nation. First Alfonso VI the Brave, then king Leon write their names in the annals of history. Castile, one of the most outstanding and brave warriors in an era called the Reconquista, is fighting for the unification of the Spanish lands. The Iberian Peninsula must be conquered from the Moors. On the part of Western Sahara endless hordes of Almoravids are moving. Bloody wars exhausted the country and the people. Against the background of all this is the construction of one of the most beautiful and most significant Christian cathedrals, which is called the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.Three brothers, like all the other inhabitants of Spain, can not stay away during such eventful events. Their personal vicissitudes are closely connected with the situation in their native country. Drama, victory, pain and joy – all of this they are experiencing together, stoically enduring the tests that fell on their shoulders...

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