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In the center of the action of Elfen Lied (OT: Erufen Rito) is the GM Lucy who flees at the very beginning of a research institution. But the flight is running everything as planned others. Hardly freedom seems close enough to touch, is Lucy in the crossfire of the guards and a relentless hail of gunfire crackles to her. Lucy is hit by one of the bullets in the head and collapses. When she regains consciousness, it is located on an idyllic beach in the presence of two students Kohta and Yuta that they have fished out of the sea.    Lucy does not know what happened and how it has come to this place. Kohta and Yuta offer her a refuge. Soon there is a friendship between the three young people who have no idea of ​​the danger they actually are. Only with time the memory is at Lucy again - with devastating consequences for all involved. Not only that, those responsible for the research facility do everything possible to arrest Lucy. No, Lucy itself turns into a threat to their friends. It is a ticking time bomb.    Main characters of Elfen Lied    Lucy / Nyu is a young girl who apparently can not remember her own past. In truth, Lucy, however, a Diclonius has four vectors (for people invisible arms) with a range of two meters. While it is normal girl named Nyu on the one hand, it turns out to be on the other side as a dangerous killing machine.    Kohta studied natural sciences and lives in an inn who left him Yukas parents after his father and his sister were killed. This traumatic event triggered an amnesia in Kohta. Consequently, he can not remember all the details of his childhood itself. Only with time the memory returns to him.    Yuka is Kohtas best friend and cousin and lives in the hostel that had formerly belonged to their parents for some time. Secretly Yuka is in love with Kohta, however, seems to be this more interested in Lucy. This of course results in a lot of jealousy on the part Yuka and an unavoidable tension between the three friends. (MH)

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