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  • Drama
The plot tells the story of Cha Soo-hyun, the daughter of a politician. The main character, performed by actress Song Hye-kyo, recently graduated from college. After studying her life changed dramatically, because Cha Soo-hyun immediately jumped out to marry the son of a famous and respected director developing company Takyong Group. Of course, the love out of the question, because we face a classic marriage of convenience, the benefits of which can be obtained only parents protagonists characters. Father politician glad that secured this support. However, in the family of Cha Soo Hyun comes warm period. The main heroine happily expecting a child, but tenses situation in the family of constant misunderstandings with her husband. He is always trying to hurt his wife for any reason, so a divorce in this relationship seems inevitable measure. Soon, the main character will meet with another young man, but let the story and it does not promise a lot of money and influence, but give real genuine feeling. The country comes to a young and ambitious, Kim Ji Hyuk. Young people looking for work and hopes to apply for the position of the performer. He, of course, will not be easy, but soon in the life of a man there is a change - he falls in love. Naturally, the object of his adoration would be a nice girl Cha Soo Hyun. Despite the presence of a child from another marriage, Kim Ji Hyuk sees no obstacles in building relationships with the main character. It seems that a couple begin to associate a truly warm and serious relationship ...

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