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Shin Suk Ho is a successful producer working in the prestigious Studio KTOR and opened two talented groups, the boyfriend" Jackson"and the women's group" Lucy Girls", which are currently fighting for the highest places in the music charts. After he decides to become independent and open his own company, Sin wins a lawsuit to terminate the current contract with KTOR, and he manages to lure a few colleagues, as well as"Jackson", on which our hero has great hopes on his way to fame and recognition. It would seem that nothing boded ill, but soon the fate makes its cruel adjustments to the luxurious and carefree life of too self-confident showman.On the day when the producer, shining with happiness, celebrated his coming departure, which meant the beginning of a new life stage, a chreda of terrible accidents happens to him, as a result of which our hero finds himself in prison. After being released from detention for some time, Suk Ho finds out that He was prematurely fired from KTOR, and all his friends, including Jackson, who extended the contract with the current Studio, turned away from him.Having remained"at the broken trough" with a huge heap of debts, thrown by all Sin, having fallen into full despair, at all doesn't know how to it to live further now. Suddenly he meets a young boy Cho Ha nel, who has a phenomenal voice, and decides that this is his last chance to cling to his own career. At that moment, our hero had no idea that the young schoolboy already has a serious criminal record…

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