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A dramatic television series by the famous Director Juan josé Campanella, the plot of which tells the story of a woman eager for justice, who in the past survived a terrible event. Her name is Ariana Mendoza, and at the age of seventeen she was assaulted by four young men confident of their impunity heirs of the rich and respected local clans. Of course, none of the rapists did not suffer the deserved punishment, showing the unfortunate victim his exceptional position in society, allowing to commit such terrible acts. But the girl nothing is forgotten and forgiven, even twenty years later, continuing to believe that these bastards will get what they deserve, even if it does not entirely legal way. After so many years, her abusers have occupied very high positions, and one of them is even running for President of the country, as she accidentally learned recently. But it makes no difference to Ariana, determined to take revenge and ready to go to the end without fear of difficulties and possible failure.

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