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The center of the story is the wife of Lincoln, who in the distant first season coveted a Hollywood career and agreed to leave his native London to sign a contract with an American film company and engage in the adaptation of its popular project in the UK to the audience of the United States. When they arrived in Los Angeles, signed the necessary contracts and began working on "Washers", then immediately disappointed-in fact they were deceived, forcing a complete rewrite of the script, turning an interesting Comedy series in a silly sports sitcom. In previous parts of Sean and Beverly repeatedly tried to abandon their new jobs and return home, but they are bound with employing them company, so to do this failed (or rather did, but not for long). Although in the beginning of season 5, the couple has not often think about the move – in 4 parts they managed to start a new project that has suddenly become popular. And now we can say that they really do what they love. But in the first episode of the new season, it turns out that not all so smoothly – on the horizon appears a former partner Sean, who claims his copyright on the part of the script of the show "Box", forcing spouses to make an unexpected move. Meanwhile, invited to the main role in the project, Matt LeBlanc faces difficulties due to Merc Lapidus…

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