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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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The series" Eureka" (Eureka) takes place in the town of the same name, where scientists live. The city of Eureka is located in Oregon and is inhabited by high-class scientists. They are always exploring and inventing something, thus creating problems not only for the city, but also sometimes for the whole country. The U.S. Department of defense is in control of this high-tech city. Eureka's existence is a closely guarded secret, and no one can know that there is such a city in the country.One person was lucky enough to find this city of scientists, it was Jack Carter. His daughter is a real Tomboy and for this reason the man had to take the girl to her mother. During the trip, the main character breaks down the car, and had to look for help in the nearest town. Eureka seemed to Carter ordinary, unremarkable, quiet city. Here he was offered the position of Sheriff, as the previous one was crippled. Carter agreed and now he has to learn all the delights of the secret town. In Eureka every day, something new happens and so the Sheriff will not be bored and sit still. Now Carter's life will change dramatically.

Televison show Eureka seasons available for download - 1,2,3,4,5,6

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