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Soon planet Earth will be subjected to a force that will destroy it. And after a while, all living things will die. And the planet itself will not be suitable for life. Is it possible in a short time to build a vehicle that will be able to transport all the inhabitants of the earth to new planets. Of course, having to live all the necessary prerequisites. And no one knows what could happen on the planet.
If all volcanoes begin to erupt, one program may develop in this case. And when the earth will fall different weather extreme conditions, in this case, there may be other consequences. Can the planet withstand a super powerful hurricane? Also in the movie it will be told that will be with the earth when on it the flood will fall. In addition, there may be new nanotechnology, they can also lead to the fact that the planet will die. And so the population is waiting for what can be done to save their lives. Is there any way to save civilization? Maybe the people on earth survive after the Apocalypse comes. After all, with today's programs you can come up with some option. This is the hope of all the inhabitants of the planet Earth, it is not really want to fly somewhere in the unknown

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