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Football - a game of millions. Every fan of the game knows that play differently in many countries around the world. Although the general outlines of the game are similar, but here the scheme, the style of the ball, especially placement, tactics and maneuvers subtlety players on the field are quite different. The protagonists of this project - Billy Uinrouv and Jeremy Lynch. They are known for soccer video where they show different tricks with the ball, and talk about the tricks of great football. This couple goes to an unforgettable journey through the countries of the world where football is trying to learn the features in different parts of our planet. They are waiting for a truly interesting weekends. In Argentina and Brazil, the main characters face typical for these countries and the fan fintovoy styling games, where players - bright personality and offensive actions rise above the defense. After several visit to North America, where in one of the largest countries in the world football is just beginning its formation and even called differently - soccer. A trip to Europe will show the good old football, but even here in different countries play differently. Asian football - it's a completely different philosophy, with which we have yet to meet and know it fully, because the Chinese league is becoming one of the richest and most successful in the world. Are you ready for such a great informational tour? Let's begin, dear fans of great football! Releases show "Search football" must come as a guiding star in the world's most popular sport on the planet!

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