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  • Crime
The plot of the series originated in 1991. The protagonist, Falco, is a police officer, and every day working for the benefit of society, trying to clear the streets of his native city of crime. He is completely satisfied with his life, because he has a good job, a beloved wife and child. But once the case is on, which drastically changes the fate of men. During the next arrest, Falco receives a serious bullet wound to the head. Fortunately he manages to survive, but as a result of the injury he falls into a coma. Doctors are doing everything possible, but do not guarantee the hero's family that he will ever come out of it. Long twenty-two years he spends in unconsciousness, but in the end, a miracle happens and Falco opens his eyes. It seems to him that only a few days have passed, but in fact a whole eternity has passed, and much has changed during this time. His wife has been living with another man for a long time, and her daughter has become so adult that she is already building her own personal life. Falco is confused, because he not only needs to start building a life with a clean slate, but also to get used to the world around him, which has undergone a number of serious changes…

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