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Mini-series"Fallout-Nuclear smoke break" is based on the legendary and incredibly popular game of her fans.The film takes place back in 2077, 100 years after a terrible disaster. As a result of the leakage of bacteriological weapons created during the world war unleashed by China and the United States, the VRE virus is present in the atmosphere many decades later. The land is not similar to the blossoming of the green planet. It turned into a sinister world filled with gangs of villains, and the survivors need to try hard to survive in it.Joyne Twig (the inhabitant of the Shelter H10) is selected from the bunker and recovers on a journey through the wasteland of the Eastern coast of California. Desert and dead areas of the uninhabited city are full of surprises. All his time in the film, Twig spends searching for Nuka Cola. On the way, he meets Ben, a young man who has received a fair dose of radiation, disfigured by the disease, and charming Scarlet, a former slave. However, the plot does not matter much, the exciting adventures of three friends in a slightly frightening short film will not leave indifferent even the audience indifferent to the game, not to mention the fans of Fallout. True filmmakers will appreciate the quality of shooting.

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