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The actions of a complex psychological series tell about a diplomat who got into serious trouble. The enemies tried and skillfully organized a serious provocation, the victim of which was the main character. To the great surprise of the protagonist, in his cargo found a huge batch of heroin, who arrived from Dushanbe. Such turn the man didn't expect in any way. Now, his life is undergoing serious changes, as if the contents of the powder keg finally exploded.
Around the diplomat started a big scandal, and the proceedings was found guilty of all sins. When you are seriously pressured from all sides, it is very difficult to prove your case. The hero is trying to find out who this man, the fault of which he fell on such serious charges, and most importantly for what purpose he arranged it all. He himself began to conduct an investigation, during which he was able to find out that terrorist organizations were noticed in the case, but that's not all. The development of events contributed to the intelligence services of different governments and even diplomats. Now it seems that all and all against the diplomat, did he fail to justify himself and regain a good reputation? He will have to put a lot of effort.

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