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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
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Intense dramatic television series, in the center of the unpredictable plot which is almost perfect cell of Japanese society-Numata family, looking impeccable only at first glance. Yes, with a superficial acquaintance, it may seem that love and full understanding reign in this family, because the father works hard at a prestigious job, the mother carefully monitors the arrangement of the"family hearth", and the eldest son has long been among the best students of his educational institution and takes part in national athletics competitions. Only the younger child" a little" does not fit into the overall idyll, because the study is not too successful, and sometimes even prefers not to attend school. Such a blatant disgrace, breaking a purely positive picture of a successful and prosperous family, very frustrating his loving and caring parents and forced to seek help from a professional tutor. However, the appearance of their home very strange behave of the teacher does not facilitate them life and did not become so desirable a reliable method to affect a troubled teenager, thereby solving all their pressing problems. After all, very soon he will literally horrify all members of the family with his non-standard approach and far-reaching consequences of an extremely specific educational process, which, nevertheless, demonstrates enviable effectiveness.