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In one distant Kingdom, ruled by a rather wise, but already an old king, live three of his daughters. Carolina, Catherine and the little, charming naughty Princess Fantagira. Her older sister's girls are quite serious and have long grown up. They are ready to become for someone worthy spouses. However, they still have much to learn. It is necessary to know how to cook many dishes, skillfully manage the economy, sew, communicate with the servants and so on. This study and Katherine and Caroline. However, little Fantagiro not interested in marriage.

While the sisters are preparing for family life, busy Princess no less important, in her opinion matters. She carefully studies Oriental martial arts. Oddly enough, the girl is not attracted to the usual girlish fun. Instead of dolls she had powerful swords and crossbows, and romantic books replaced the most famous works of different philosophers, as well as memories of famous generals. Once Fantagira read an ancient legend, from which she learns that she will have to fight with a powerful, forest monster. Soon, however, she will have to face very real events. The Prince of a neighboring state, after a quarrel with his father Panthery, called for a duel. Then the young Princess changed into armor and went instead of the old father.

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