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Welcome to Planet Greece. It is far, far away from Earth. Many people say, that is two hundred million light years. Here there is a civil war. People are fighting for the power of Princess Tina, who, as it turns out, is a great invincible weapon that can both save millions of lives, and at the same time to take them away. However, the conflict becomes an unexpected turn, because the girl in some incredible way sent to Earth. Her soul is reborn in a new image every hundred years. Now she is in the body a complete stranger to her man. In the yard today. Tina is now eleven years old. Its all called Helga. She tries to settle down in a new way and to establish contacts with local residents. Helga meets local boy and quickly establishes a connection with him. However, for Tina seekers have already gone from the home planet. The images of blond teenagers, they are getting closer and closer to Earth. Their goal - to return back to Greece Tina. But to what end? The very same main character gradually realizes that life on earth is not so bad!

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