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Original Title: Farang
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: C More
Creators: Malin Lind Lagerlöf,Stefan Thunberg
Description: 2004. Norway. The detective Agency employs an experienced investigator Harry Hole. A few weeks earlier, a series of mysterious murders took place in the city. Since Harry was educated at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he immediately wants to put his skills into practice. As it turned out, not in vain. There is a strong possibility that these serious crimes are linked. Maybe there's a serial killer in town. And as Hall found out, it probably was. The motive of the criminal is unknown. But one thing is clear-the victims are women who had children. Besides, they were all married. Single ladies with babies killer was not considered. The most interesting was the symbolic sign that the attacker left after the procedure. It was a "Snowman".Detective refers to a heap of old unsolved cases. He discovers some a near certainty. One crime was committed every two months. The victims were also young married girls with children. The murder remained a snowman. Thus, Holi understands that caught in the trail of the very first serial killer in a country like Norway. We need to track this man down and arrest him. But as it usually happens, it's not as easy as it seems at first glance. To solve this complicated case, he attracts one of the newcomers to the police Department.One of the problems of the detective is his continuous alcoholism. He just got out of another binge, as he piled on a lot of problems. And one of them is hunting a mysterious snowman lover. What is this man hiding? And why did he choose this distinctive sign? Lots of work ahead. But the partner can show his wit and help his boss.

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