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Original Title: Father Dowling Mysteries
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: ABC,NBC,Viasat3,Viacom TV,CBS Drama,100 TV
Creators: Joel Steiger,Dean Hargrove
Language: English
Description: The main character - a gambler, who earns his money playing poker, and it should be noted that he is a master of his craft. Of course, like most avid gamblers, he occasionally cheats, but without this in any way, because it needs to gather up a large sum of money, to be exact - twenty-five thousand dollars, because very soon begin the championship of poker, and that this amount is needed for the application! Maverick can not miss it, but also to participate will not work - not enough three thousand. He recalls his debtors and sent the money. On the way Brett comes to the casino and get acquainted with the beautiful Annabel Brensford swindler. She immediately captivates gambler who does not even know how dangerous this person. The championship a couple of goes together, in the way in which their many adventures!

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