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Emma has spent her entire life defending human rights. She is a valuable employee and an experienced lawyer who defends the freedom of speech of the defendants and complies with the normative rules of the law. The heroine of the series "Fearless" always clearly follows the instructions, honors the law, respects justice and does not grovel before more influential colleagues. For a woman there are no evil or good people, because everyone in life can make a rash and unacceptable act. That is why during the consideration of the case it is guided by a clear mind and cool mind. Thanks to many years of experience, it is almost impossible to deceive a lawyer, because she immediately feels where the truth is and where the lie is. She has a huge number of successfully closed court sessions, which has a positive impact on her career. But one day the position of women is exacerbated, and its activity is under attack. This is due to the fact that the heroine took up the disclosure of the case 14 years ago. Then the schoolgirl was cruelly killed, and proofs and traces weren't enough for capture of the criminal. But the police found the culprit and convicted him. Now having studied in detail the materials of the case, the lawyer understands that this story is covered with darkness and there are completely different people behind it.

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