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It is quite difficult for a person to live a normal life if he suffers from some phobia. She becomes his eternal, constant companion and occurs in unexpected, unwanted situations, clutching in his powerful grip. However, it is even more difficult when in a small, defenseless boy named Figaro fit dozens of all kinds of fears. It prevents him from living literally everything that surrounds him. There's no such thing he's not afraid of. Any items cause him terrible irritation, and in a small body lies a whole bunch of invincible complexes.the Poor child is about to go to the bathroom to wash or take a shower, but before you find yourself there, he has to overcome a huge corridor. Wild fantasy Figaro immediately draws a huge number of monsters lurking in the dark, sinister corners. They are all just waiting for the boy to take the first step to drag him into his dark, gloomy burrows. Then Figaro decides to just draw. But here waiting for his next failure. The enraged fly literally attacked the unfortunate child, and soon it turned out that the small vibration causes him panic fear. Count phobias Figaro is simply impossible and how to deal with them the baby also does not know.

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