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So Pablo Escobar led the Medellín cocaine cartel and is still the biggest drug Lord in history. At one point, he supplied about eighty percent of all the cocaine that flooded the United States. It was rumored that his wealth amounts to hundreds of billions, and that he hid it somewhere in the land of his native Colombia. Thoughts about this haunted the creators of the documentary show, in which several former CIA agents and other experts are sent to Colombia in order to find the hidden wealth. Under the contract, they get five to ten percent of everything they find. And so the brave guys, using scientific achievements, deductive method, skills in the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as just ingenuity and numerous conversations, try to approach their cherished goal every day, believing that soon they will get to one hundred eighty-six kilograms of ingots of pure gold, because somewhere Escobar hid his untold wealth – he did not spend all the profits on drugs! Will the heroes of the documentary find the desired millions in the long-suffering land of Colombia?

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