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The plot of this anime tells the story of a very strange events, developing in one of Japan's largest cities. Nowhere there pillars of fire, and the people who are in the midst of the raging elements, taking fire as vitality. Of course, these anomalies wreaked havoc and terror in the hearts of many people. Of course, among those who are scared, there were also real heroes, ready to challenge mad and uncontrollable elements. One of the protagonists of this project - Shinra Kusakabe. The character has learned to control the self-ignition, so now ready to help all those who suffer from such anomalous phenomena. The protagonist enters the fire company, where he immediately became a legend because of his incredible abilities. However, Shinra is necessary not easy, because the main character has to keep secret the secret origin of the anomaly and the emergence of people who have learned to control the elements. Infernals are not the victims, but rather the Firelord. However, the nature of their origin and development of people do not necessarily know. However, what such confidentiality? Whether it is hiding behind something sinister?

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