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  • Drama
Brett recently moved into a new home with his family. Everyone really liked the mansion and the guy decided that he must carefully examine it, as he was sure that it should definitely keep some secrets. It is worth saying that they were really here, because pretty quickly he finds a mysterious place in the basement, where it seemed for a long time no one looked. First it frightens the guy, but the thought of him never let go. And deciding he decides to check what it is. As soon as he took only a step, he immediately found himself in Ireland, where he was in a rather strange school and almost immediately found himself in an unpleasant situation. Pretty quickly he meets an attractive girl there who helps him deal with everything and be safe. She's not just him to help. The fact that she has long dreamed of somewhere to visit, and the guy is able to show her Australia. She can not miss this chance and begs Brett to take her with him. The guy did not know how he will return home and what will he say to the families after. Will he decide to take his new friend to his native land and what will be waiting for them ahead? In what situations will they find themselves before their paths diverge and perhaps even forever?

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