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In the center of the fantastic series is a guy named Grover Jones-a high school student who came to school on Saturday. There are no classes on this day, but several teenagers decided to support the football team, and Grover wanted to spend time with his beloved violet Adams. And this act in fact saved his life: when the guy entered the school building, the plant, located in the city, a powerful explosion occurred. Teachers, knowing that at the enterprise made any chemicals, take away all pupils in the air-RAID shelter located under the building. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to get to a safe place. When on the school grounds there is a strange fog, many Teens lose consciousness on the street. Wanting to find other survivors, some of the guys leave the shelter and come to the surface. By the end of the first series, only one of them will return alive and tell you that all were killed. More information to other heroes of the serial movie "Horror" from it it won't be possible to receive: on a surface the guy caught the mysterious virus forcing it to mutate.

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