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Action of the series take viewers to the town of Springwood that in Ohio. It's no secret that in recent years there have been horrific events. Murders, suicides and other accidents are covered with a haze of mystery. Every day the city is more and more immersed in the darkness of tragic events, the victims of which are mostly young citizens. What is the reason for all this? Behind all the horrifying and chilling events is the same person – Freddy Krueger.< br />Freddy Krueger is a true nightmare Lord. He brings to life all of your terrible ideas and doesn't bear for it punishment. From him you can not hide or escape, because it is like a Ghost sneaks up unnoticed. The very appearance of the character can cause terror even in desperate daredevils. Disfigured face and body, crazy, ominous eyes, and his hands ... he'd better not meet. If to avoid meeting did not happen, then you are doomed. The series takes place not in the reality that was in the film. Among the many episodes you can find the release, where the victim of cruelty is Freddy himself. However, the enemies will respond.

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