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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Family
Romantic Comedy series about young people who have to try to survive under the same roof, although they are completely strangers to each other people. Director, Sarasvati Pongsapat. Starring Sushar, Moneyning. The main character is an optimistic and cheerful girl who is always faithful to her friends. She is smart, but very naive and with a good heart. Her name is JI Eun. She lives in a beautiful house that her father built. Lives his measured life, writing and one day wants to make a film. Suddenly, her beloved friends send her on a trip to Shanghai to unwind and find inspiration, only the writer did not realize that this is a trick. Meanwhile, friends successfully sell the house to a famous actor named EN Jae. The funny thing is that it was with him that the young lady met on the plane. Returning to their hometown, they find themselves in the same house. The guys did not make friends during the flight, so they hardly agree to live with each other. Young people will have to conclude a fictitious marriage for six months, so that the girl could take home with her divorce. She takes on the role of cook and maid. Over time, she have real feelings for the guy. The baby will have to go through a lot to achieve the love of the hero. To endure jealousy, pain and disappointment. None of them was ready for the fact that between them there will be real feelings, they attract each other and this will not stop. Will they be able to resist other people's envy and understand their own feelings? Real lovers need a real wedding.

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