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This amazing archipelago served as a haven for pirate ships, and today it has become a national Park where animals feel at ease and are not afraid of humans. David Attenborough invites us again on a fascinating journey.The flora and fauna here is so rich and diverse that it is able to capture the imagination of even experts, many species of living beings are not found anywhere else on the planet. Among the bright greenery lives the world's last elephant turtle.Despite the proximity to the equator, the average annual temperature in the Galapagos Islands remains quite comfortable, 24 degrees. Islands of volcanic origin have become home to colonies of amazing animals, some species of which have been discovered by scientists recently. Here black iguanas swim in sea water, and penguins frolic hundreds of kilometers from Antarctica. Due to the remoteness of the archipelago, evolutionary processes have been isolated, and today the Galapagos Islands is a natural laboratory where nature continues to conduct its unique experiments.

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