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Spring of 1915. In Australia declared set of in ANZAC (Australian new Zealand army corps). Four young friends, the youngest of whom, Thomas Johnson, or as his mother – Tolly affectionately calls him, are only seventeen, decide to enroll. Pathamudayam and class period Johnson, Cliffe Sutton, Dave manages loyalty to king and Empire. Anzak will land as part of the Entente troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula near the Cape called Helles, located in the European part of Turkey, between the Dardanelles Strait and The Saros Gulf in the Aegean sea. Dardanelles operation began on 25 April the air landing in the dead of night in Gabatepe in complete silence. The soldiers were ordered not to shoot, and to use only bayonets. They managed to capture the leading positions of the Ottoman troops. But the enemy was waiting for the punch and has a desperate resistance, which does not allow the army to move forward. Gunshots, screams of pain, blood everywhere. Together with the Entente troops arrive war correspondents Charles Bean and Ellis Bartlet, who should cover the events in the press.

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