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Based on the action-movie"Hapdong. Memories of the killer" by Korean film Director Cho su-won is taken the case of a series of murders repeated in Hwasong in the period from 1986 to 1991, when ten women were raped and brutally killed.At the center of the narrative is Ha Mu-em, a detective whose parent 20 years ago was an alleged lawbreaker in the case of a serial killer known as cap — don. Not in forces to take out unfair charges and reproaches in the address from militiamen and ordinary citizens, the man took his own life. For many years, the son of a detective is busy searching for a real murderer, daily tracking him down with the intention to establish who is guilty of the death of the unfortunate. However, after twenty years, the Statute of limitations on homicide is completed, it is believed that the offender is already dead and the case is closed. Ha Mu-em abandons his idea to establish justice and goes into dismissal. It was at this time a maniac decides to reassert itself, and passing three years, the horrific murder of the resume — there are new victims. The criminal's handwriting and schematics are the same, and, as before, no leads. It is clear that nothing happened to the maniac — he waited for the right moment. Then the detective, refusing to believe in the death of cap-don, returns in order to resume the case and catch the same villain once and for all.

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