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A business that spins a lot of money cannot be clean by default. But this is not guessed Sonya, mother of three children, which for some reason had to take over the management of the family farm, breeding geese and ducks. It is connected with this name of the Swedish series"Mother goose", referring to us at the same time and to fairy tales. But the life of the heroine of this film is not fabulous. At first, she only keeps accounts and, although she understands that entrepreneurship is not particularly clean, she turns a blind eye. After all, money goes, and they do not complain about poverty. But at some point she decides to inspect such a huge income-generating poultry farms, and before her eyes opens a completely different truth – it turns out that instead of the farm she and her family owned endless fields of cannabis. It turns out that these cases involved a her husband, who in addition brought in relatives of the Sony. Will accept a woman with such a reality, continuing to maintain and grow the restricted business, or makes a different decision? Due to the fact that such activities are associated with the shadow economy, Sofia gets on a very slippery slope, which can fall very easily, just one careless step. And here we must not forget about the children, because they may be in danger if it is connected with the underworld. This movie Swedes have shown that they can shoot interesting and high-quality films, and the actors do an excellent job with their roles. I especially want to note Alexander RAPAPORT, who played the main character.

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