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Documentary series produced in the UK about the unsolved mysteries of the philosophers of the ancient world from Director Rob Cowling. Starring Bethany Hughes.Did you want to solve countless mysteries of antiquity? See with your own eyes the countries and places where the sages of antiquity drew inspiration. Historian Bethany Hughes sets out on a journey through India, Greece and China in the footsteps of three giants of philosophy - Buddha, Socrates and Confucius. She will pass all the places where the great passed and try to understand what the great minds were thinking about. Together with Bethany we will plunge into the world of secrets and learn many unknown facts about the great thinkers who lived long before us, but whose worldview is reflected in the modern way of thinking of mankind. All three lived, between the 6th and 5th centuries BC, in a period of unprecedented and intense intellectual development. In a rapidly changing world, they were the first people to find answers to important existential and socio-political questions that remain relevant today. They were pioneers whose radical views reflected key changes in human consciousness. Bethany shows how, despite the fact that their ideas are about two and a half thousand years old, they still have an impact on the formation of modern thinking.

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