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How many new, unexpected and unpredictable brought us to the nineteenth century. It was an era of great change and upheaval, not only in industry, politics and science, but also in people's minds. It was then that people began to like it on a different look at the world, perceive it and understand. How many new, dangerous and very courageous thought and it was suggested that only made it clear that soon everything will change. It was at this time born and expressed their arguments are well-known and great minds like Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx, who are known and respected so far. It was completely destroyed at this time the old attitudes and life concepts, the existing regime loses all its power and science and all was in opposition to the Church, when it was generally considered impossible. Their main objective was to understand and convey to others what makes us human. All kinds of minorities, immigrants arrived, enemies of the people - they all wanted to live differently, so challenged the established principles and rules. There was no longer any taboos. It was then that people would understand who is responsible for our lives and it controls all the processes, which would then turn to another power, the power of the mind. Only here all these searches to no good result they could not, they ended their days in poverty, lack of money and madness. Except that their work, their utterances and thoughts still helps us understand the world, the meaning and value of life. In this documentary project Bethany Hughes will track the progress of the thoughts of the greatest and most brilliant philosophers of our history!

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