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The main characters of this fascinating mystical story - the real Ghostbusters who are engaged in the study of supernatural magical phenomena, exploring the paranormal world of spirits and unexplained phenomena. These guys are so brave and courageous that they are not afraid to travel to the most remote and dangerous corners of our planet for the sake of achieving their goals, climbing into mysterious places that inspire fear on anyone who dares to appear there someday. Rob, berry, Andy and Shannon are tested for the accuracy of eyewitness accounts to believe in the existence of a dark force, which they were told. Evil spirits catch up with the fear of the locals, but not on our heroes, who are always ready to face the incorporeal entities face to face. Each series of this documentary project shows another new place, around which is concentrated paranormal energy, frightening natives who believe in ancient magic and believe that an ordinary person has nothing to do here, if he values himself and the tranquility of his loved ones. The spectator with the Ghostbusters will have the opportunity to visit Edinburgh, Abbey Lucedio, quarter Mary king, Slovakia, the legendary German castle Reichenstein and other strange places that are famous for in the vicinity of incorporeal entities. If you are a fan of all the mysterious, magical and mysterious, and maybe even interested in the occult, then certainly will not remain indifferent while watching.

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