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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Kik was once a victim of kidnappers. However, the girl was lucky to save her FBI agent. But despite everything that happened, she could not cope with the psychological trauma, even with the help of specialists. And wanting to get rid of the strange feeling that she could again be kidnapped girl wanted to do everything to prevent this from happening again. She constantly trained and put all efforts to avoid repetition of a similar fate. The girl believed that she will certainly be able to get rid of the past and forget about the terrible events. But it was not easy and even after so much time she still continued to worry that soon everything could happen again. but luckily she manages to meet Frank in time, the very man who once saved her. He invites her to become part of his Department and help him fight crime. The girl decides that it is a great chance for her to completely change her life and look at everything that happened in the past in a new way. However, how will her life really change and what lies ahead? Will she be able to overcome all the difficulties she will have to face and cope with her psychological trauma?

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