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The movie takes us in the near future, talking about the team unusual people defeated in a battle with the powerful corporation of Nathaniel Essex, who is going to destroy virtually the entire world. All mutants died or mysteriously disappeared, survived only two people - Logan and Professor Xavier. But now their position is unenviable - men live somewhere in an abandoned bunker, hiding there from his pursuers. Age had a negative impact on both heroes: Wolverine gradually fading ability to regenerate, and his mentor begins to suffer from progressive disease that affects his memory. But it is precisely these men to save the world from danger. However, they will have an assistant - a young Laura, who, as it turns out, is a clone of Logan and has a set of similar abilities: her body can recover quickly from injuries, and bones - instantly transform into an incredibly powerful metal alloy. But that oppose this unusual trio whole army of mercenaries Essex? Will the heroes win the upcoming battle, and the more they will have to sacrifice?