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Every modern kid there in the room more than a dozen toys, among which there are plush, funny bears, fluffy bunnies, valiant knights, armed with armor and powerful weapons, charming Princess waiting for their deliverers and many other heroes. However could someone from adults to imagine, that all these characters, find themselves, live in birth country entitled Gormiti. It is located deep underground and can get into it only elected. Those, whom toys especially trust. After all, their secrets should not be disclosed. how surprised were the four friends when they found themselves in the underworld. Not immediately they believed in the reality of what is happening, and expecting to Wake up soon and all this will be just a dream. However, the toys needed the help of their owners, so they ventured to reveal their secret, which was kept for centuries from the eyes of man. The magical land was attacked by the powerful forces of Darkness. Unfortunately, small toys can not cope with a strong opponent, and the guys have to start to go through more than one training to provide decent resistance in the coming battles.

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